Why you shouldn’t take things so seriously, seriously.

Why you shouldn’t take things so seriously; seriously.”

There’s people in this world that do not think of the above statement the slightest bit okay to believe in. This world is full of these kind of people, mainly because they’re taught to think this way. I’m not blaming anything or anybody but really, why is it that we devote all our lives to live harder every single day until our last? Why do we have to better ourselves and everything else? Why do we have to be better than what we were yesterday? Why can’t we just accept the only truth we know of, inevitably heading towards us sooner or later, irrespective of our opinions of it; death?

Why are we so held onto this dream-world that was built by some sick group of ancient elites, in comfortable knowledge of greater motives, simply trying to decorate the circus for us to mice around it for centuries; just for fun?

Nobody has ever, even the slightest bit considered that if it’s possible for our world to be not as fucked up as many other worlds, it’s also equally possible for the opposite idea of it too; possibly.

No, this isn’t a negative notion. It’s an opinion coming from an unbiased and reluctant mind. I’m a similar product of the same things that you are made of. This has been as easy and as difficult for me too.

It has just taken fearlessness of the concept of death, it comes from a place of satisfaction with acceptance of the idea of an end, of everything going to dust.

Psychic mediums that can prove more than us, time travellers that can rule out our arguments against it; say that there are many kinds of extraterrestrials in many different dimensions of our universe, that they know more about the human race than humans themselves. These mediums translate what death, an end in its true meaning, truly is in comparison to a systematic progression of an institution (whatever that is).

The journey of one life until death, in these dimensions, isn’t the only journey (ref. Egyptian civilisation and its beliefs). Lives altogether, all possible past lives and all possible future lives are seen as a view from the sky with a layer of clouds underneath, a never ending 360 horizon. It is from this perspective that you can see what’s left behind and what’s to come in the future and what the present is. By this point of view, we realise how minds higher and more capable than us humans, believe in that of self at the focal point and everything else in motion. This not only makes life more enjoyable and livable but also extends to beyond one life, it extends to all the lives lived from one step to the other. It makes you more important than one single life and one single death.

That being said, life as we know it at this moment is already better, it’s already everything it should and can be. The only true motive remains is of experience; experiencing all that this particular life, in this particular journey places for you to experience. This helps seeing death as merely an old friend coming back to turn another page of the book; and because it greets like such a friend now, it frees you of all bounds since the worst possible outcome is overruled.

Don’t smother yourself with worries and troubles, simply because they hardly even exist. Most minds are like anxiety, you think there’s danger that you need to protect yourself from but there’s actually a big, fat illusion of nothing. Stop believing in what the world feeds you with, it probably does not know what it does and where it’s headed, it’s probably you who could really clear that purposeful fog and see things for what they are.

I could tell you that the God you look for is probably you never wanting to give up and that power is simply something you’re taught to ignore; but then you’d turn around, call this a ‘probably high’ kind of talk and move on like the world has taught you to. That’s then, in such deep waters, best left for another time.

For now,

I’ll take your leave at this,
– what has to happen will take its course, you just have to pick your side of the story.

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