All the Greys.

it’s sad how people would associate my past week for a sad, lonely alcoholic’s drench; it’s sad that people have accused every alcohol-lover with sadness-filled-poor-little pity, i mean, in this world, you’re either supposedly too happy or supposedly too sad. not many know, i’ve lived almost all my life (as little as it may seem) in grey areas like these. never fully black, never fully white, never fully colourful.. there’s a constant of everything, from time to time.
i think ultimately everyone’s life is grey, we just don’t like the connotations attached to the realities of the grey areas.. maybe that’s why people emphasize their little colours too much and too idiotically, trying to hide away from their true greys, maybe.
i mean, you know if someone asked me what i’d prefer, a pizza or a burger or fries… i’m sorry, i’m going to say all or nothing. if someone asked me for an opinion on campfires, i’m going to say it wouldn’t matter much unless a couple of things were added around.
people also think it’s all dark and twisted and shadow-y on grey lines and grey paths. it is not, and i’m not saying that because i look for the greener grass on the side of the river that i linger on rather than pondering over the side of the river i don’t know about but because it is merely quite typical of people to do the math of such abstract unkn0wns.
why are greys of life and moments and state of minds connoted with such blurr.
i realise ‘grey lines’ describes a blur area but that’s exactly my point. a grey area isn’t a lur line to someone like me, it is abstract opinion of everything and nothing, all at once. it is the perfect blend of hot and cold, fire and ice, wet and dry, noise and silence. it’s everything but nothing in particular; and i love that about grey. it is so free in itself that does not pick a side.  it is open to all and invisible at the same time. it is the truth and the lie of what our perception of reality is, which is nothing but a reflection of exactly what really exists and for a grey person like me that is the only truth there will ever be.
too sad grey isn’t a thing yet but well.

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